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Richard Overton is a 110-year-old veteran who still walks, still talks and still drives. He’s the second oldest man in the US and the 8th oldest man in the world. Being the oldest World War II veteran, it’s surprising that he still has excellent eyesight and loves ice cream every night.  According to him, his experience in the war has made him stronger, bolder and now he doesn’t worry about his house being bolted or not when he goes to bed. The documentary covered by National Geographic on his life, here are 10 things he said and some inferred that could make sense.

  1. Don’t kill yourself. From all indication in this video he lives his life as freely as possible.
  2. Stop fussing over whether you can hear God or not.
  3. If you’re going to die, you would die. The fact you’re still alive means God has a plan for you.
  4. Preserve your material things. In the video, he showcases his TV, radio etc and talks about how he doesn’t believe in buying and buying and buying. If it isn’t spoiled then he’s not buying any more. This includes his car.
  5. Live within your means. He pays cash for everything. No credit cards. He also built his own house.  He remembers when a man he knew went to buy the first Ford and he was not swayed
  6. Do what makes you feel better. He smokes 12 or more cigars a day because it makes him feel better. He had his own technique though. He drinks 4 cups of coffee and 4 cups of whiskey every other day.
  7. Keeping pets can keep you happy
  8. Church is a wonderful place. “Church keeps me going. You learn how to live and treat people better in church. Church is a wonderful place but you have to go for one person- yourself. Good to have a spiritual life but you have to live it”.
  9. It makes you feel better to have a person around that you like
  10. You may give out but never give up.

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