My focus includes
  • Reframing
  • Hypnosis
  • Goal Setting
  • Fast Phobia cure
  • Values Elicitation
  • Storytelling & reframing
  • Strategies
  • Rapport
Seye Kuyinu

Why and what HighLifer is

In 2016, I initially started HighLifer as an experience in self-knowledge. I wrote about ideas and challenges that I was creating, often times writing directly about the challenges I was facing and the solutions to those challenges, to my over 1000 email subscribers.

My journey in self-development and personal growth over the years has helped me to realize what it means to learn new concepts really fast, it’s helped me to learn what failing is and what failing isn’t. Trust me, I have had a past filled with pain; self-induced pain and pain that I caused others.

Through this same pathway, I have learned the modalities and strategies that caused me to learn fast, those strategies that have helped me fail-fast and get up on my feet to become even more successful.

As a licensed NLP practitioner, Timeline Therapist and Hypnotherapist, I have learned how one can create new realities, plot new pathways and do all of these without breaking sweat.

Through HighLifer, I intend to help as many people to see demonstrable changes in their lives through these tried and tested methods.

I have worked with large software enterprises to simplify their complex workflow to deliver value to their end users. I continue to work with organizations to do so. One thing I have realized is that whether at an organizational level, a team level or individually, we all want to reach meaningful goals, we all want to be happy, we want to have a sense of growth. And that’s what keeps me kicking!!