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Sometime in June, my mother  told me to pull down the ‘magician’ profile on my Instagram description. After a 30 minutes argument on whether to take the word down or not(and whether or not I should conduct a smart drugs experiment) I had explained to her why it was an appropriate move(for the time being) to have the word on my public profile.

There’s a 100% chance that if you’ve met me, I have attempted a magic trick on you and there’s also a great chance you’re on this website because you are on this website because you were in an audience where I performed one or two tricks.

Public Performance

You may not know this but I am a very shy person. I use this to break the ice in initial conversations and to get myself relaxed in front of an audience right before I talk about whatever it is I was called to speak on.

I am always excited when I have a public speaking engagement, not only because I speak passionately about those things I am truly passionate about, but because I get to meet great people. The awe on people’s faces when I am done with an effect is exciting. Mostly, with whatever topic I speak on, I am confident that I live the audience with something they can’t forget easily.

The brain

I am very interested in psychology and how our brain and minds are wired, hence the major reason I started this website.  When I(or anyone) perform magic tricks what  we do is change the pattern in which your mind works. When a mind/thinking pattern is changed, your mind goes with what it’s more familiar with and then when the brain is let down and the routine ends, the awe the spectator gives, is as a result of the brain let down.

For instance, I have a popular trick where a squashed empty can of soda suddenly becomes filled up and closed. I end this performance by opening the can, pouring myself some drink. The look on people’s faces, price…less!

Meanwhile, what I did is change people’s perception of  used canned drinks, unopenned canned drinks and pouring out drinks from a can.

I am deeply inspired by the physiology of the brain and the workings of the mind.


It inspires me to think that if we as humans can manipulate reality using reality, then in the spiritual, God can manipulate our own reality for the greater good.

Isn’t it interesting that we watch all these movies where the protagonist gets into this very tight situations, we the audience are convinced there’s nothing the protagonist can possibly do to get out of the situation and then…something happens, he’s out – and it makes logical sense! The more logical the sense is, the more interesting the movie. Same with magic tricks, the more elaborate and impossible they are the more breathtaking they end. Same with God, the tighter the situation, the more inspiring the story that would come out of it. I believe in magic, I believe in God.

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  • Odee says:

    This is one of the major things I miss from you. I do not see you doing magic, I see you making people happy and entertained, this is something I admire. It’s just a shame I’d now have to read your magic now…I hope to see you make us entertained again. Lovely article bro.

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