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There are many reasons that may cause you to struggle to fall asleep.  You may suffer from insomnia, or you’re so tired that you can’t even fall asleep, you’re too worried to fall asleep, etc.

I have been in the latter category and I know how devastating it is to just lay in bed for hours on end wishing and praying for sleep to come and numb the consciousness of this difficult world. 🙂

Here are my top picks – from great to greatest.

3. Calm

Calm used to be my go-to app for calm and sleep until they started a paid subscription.

You are able to choose from ambient sounds, with birds chirping in a background with flowing streams of water to the voice of a storyteller as he reads a soothing story. The ambient sounds are the major catch for me. They get you to true calmness. You can also adjust the audio or visual cues to help you choose what best makes you fall asleep.

The major turn-off for me was that my screen had to be on always-on to listen(at least in the free version). This just means my mind is still bothered with the thought of my screen staying on. This itself is stress.

Calm can be listened to on desktop and can be download on mobile from this link.

2. Headspace

Headspace is still the number one app for meditation. I have used Headspace for up to 3 years now. With Headspace, you have different meditation packs– anxiety, pain, walking meditations, productivity, guided and unguided meditation and of course sleep. While Headspace has a free tier,  you need to be a paid user($12/month) to use the packs.

I am so much used to listening to Andy’s voice on the regular meditation packs that when it comes to the sleep meditation, I get distracted. This doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s quite effective when you need to fall asleep.

You can get Headspace from here.


1.The Meditation Oasis Podcast

The Relax Into Sleep Guided Meditation episode is by far been the most effective sleep guided meditation I have used. I have probably used this about 5 times and till now, I have never heard the end of the 18 minutes long episode. More to anyone’s advantage, this is free as it’s a podcast. It was recorded on the 23rd of October, 2014.

Here’s a Google Play Music podcast link. You can find it on other podcast apps also.




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  • Odion says:

    These are really cool apps. I really like the fact that you touch issues of life and proffer solutions. Thank you.

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