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Ever since I started tracking my spending, adjusting my budget to the popular Nigerian excuse ‘there is recession’, I have learned a few things about cutting costs, yet giving a lot — through understanding the Nigerian mindset.

You see, Christmas is the period of giving. And I will give a lot (and I have already started) this Christmas. You should too.

But you don’t have money to buy hampers this Christmas for your family members, group of close friends and colleagues because ‘recession’? Forget about hampers! Here’s what you can do:

  1. Buy a carton of juice and a good Christmas card. Any Chivita will do. The fact that there are many in the pack automatically scores your gift high.

2. Live chicken! Forget about the stress your recipient will face in killing and plucking the feathers. At least you sent a unique gift. The thought counts.

3. Buy 5kg bag of rice, a bottle of olive oil, a wooden spoon. But why the spoon? It’s memorable!

4. A N5000 Shoprite/Spar gift card(for a single family member). Your recipient will be going to any of these stores pretty soon. Some real life discount will count.

Makes sense? I think so. Of course, this will work best for families who appreciate gifts from you.

Do you have any suggestions? Please share. You might be saving someone some Christmas trouble.

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My Below-N5000 Christmas gift hack

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