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We are always full of ideas, aspirations and want-tos. I, for one am a person with so many ideas. Things I want to do, things that I am actively getting myself involved in. I have many app ideas, many design ideas, many business ideas. But I know that the older you get, the sooner you realize you can’t do it all.

I have spent much of my life doing things that don’t really matter. So, a little energy here, a little energy there until I find out I haven’t achieved much at all. Does this sound familiar?

I sometimes feel like because I have dabbled in so many things I have mastered a lot of things. True in a sense! But I must confess to you, it does have its cons. One of which is burn-out! I get burned out pretty easily.

Bianca Bass was right when she says, keeping a Fuck-it list works. “…Once you stop pushing yourself through life, you’ll be amazed by how much more energy you have”. So, I created a Fuck-it list!

*In my list, I have included learning to play the cello. I love the cello. Especially because I can reach notes that are deeper than the violin. I play the violin but haven’t gotten to the level I covet yet. So when will I have time to learn the cello?

** I love UI animations. I drool over those I see on Dribbble and once told myself I was going to learn to design animations in After Effects. Trashed!

It was nice seeing you Ae! 

*** I have spent many years learning to develop Android apps. Just before I get to that point to relax, a new candy-named version of Android appears and then I have to play with new features. Not to think of finishing up on iOS Development. By the way, I just added getting an iPhone to the list. No I won’t ever get an iPhone. I love the new iPhone 7 but that’s where it ends.

****Hello mediocre friends, dumping your axes!

I’m renaming my Someday/Maybe(GTD) title to the Fuck-it list. Because Someday/Maybe will never come.

Try creating a Fuck-it list. Let me know what you think.

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