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Last week, I wrote about what I thought to be the better way to keep a personal budget and save a lot of money. I included links to download my budget sheets templates for Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets and Numbers. In this article, I talked about how I had bank accounts for different types of spending.  If you missed it, I wrote about 25 money-saving hacks in Nigeria, I wrote about what I learned about saving first then spending what’s left. I wrote about keeping Emergency Funds, a lesson I learned from Money Matters Arese. I even wrote about everything I understood about spending, earning and using Bitcoins.

I left out one bit of information. Sometimes it may be hard to track your finances ‘because lazy’. Sometimes it’s not just because you don’t want to but because getting in front of a computer can be stressful just because you want to quickly record a spending. And what if you don’t even know how to use these Sheets?

I use Spendee to quickly capture spendings and do my budget planning when I am on the go. There are quite a number of reasons I love Spendee(oh, I have tried so many others but this just captures all necessary details and customization necessary for my budget capturing parameters).

First, I can capture all the different categories of spending I mentioned in the last article on keeping personal budgets.

You can read that article to guide you in capturing the right categories of spending.

One other reason why this just works for me is that I can take a quick photo of the receipts they give you at the cashier so I can input this in my spare time. You can take pictures of whatever you bought to. Just for the records.

More interestingly, the app captures spendings in multiple currencies too. So imagine you travel out of the country and you need to input spending in another currency…

It allows for multiple wallets too. This could play well if you keep budgets with a significant other or have a separate wallet for say, a side business.

Ah! you can set notifications for reminders. This is one reason why a lot of people don’t continue with recording spendings. You just totally forget! I set my notification for 9pm when I know I would be indoors and able to get some retrospection into my earlier spendings.

At the end of the month, I sit with my Google Sheet/Numbers to input data recorded on the app. Although this may not be necessary because your data is stored securely and presented in nice visuals(especially if you are a Premium user). 

Talking Premium, I would actually recommend you use the Premium package. I am a big believer in the effects of spending money to save money. Personally, I realize that I am obliged to continue to use the service even when I want to be lazy because well, I already paid for it.

Check out the gallery below to see sample screenshots of how my setup looks like and be sure to visit the websites to find more information on budgeting.





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