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What a few pages of a book can teach you

Sleep and a good morning

How does a good night rest affect your morning? Is having 7 hours of sleep really a myth? If you have trouble falling asleep, this may be a good place to start/or end. Very practical examples are laid out guiding you on how to fall asleep easily, why you should take sleep more seriously and how to enjoy it.

Morning Rituals

It’s often cited that highly successful people have morning rituals they follow. Why are morning rituals that important? This book guides you into creating your own rituals, explaining how important these rituals are.

Your phone is an enemy

Phones were made to make communication and life easier for us. But can they jeopardize the freedom they were to provide in the first place? Can they derail the possibilities of a good day? This book shows you why using your phone as an alarm may not be the best idea. Then what is?

What you listen to

This book teaches how what you listen to, whether music or podcasts  in the morning can embolden you and prep you for a strong day. Imagine getting to work READY TO CONQUER. There are suggested podcast recommendations too.

The Glass Of Water Technique

It was Thomas Edison who said, “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.”  But what outcomes can you expect? This book will show you practically how to solve problems from sleep. Something Jose Silva calls the Glass Of Water Technique.

Change brain frequency to Alpha

You get the most creative ideas when your brain is at the Alpha frequency.  It’s one of the reasons the practice of meditation has been taken more seriously at this period. This book will teach you how to tune to Alpha in an instant. You will learn to function from a place of rest.




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