The meeting room must have been quiet, save for the rustles and the sound of their sneakers as they plugged the laptop to the projector, setting up to blow away the minds  of their prospective clients. The Gr8an team wore t-shirts, jeans and sneakers sitting directly in front of the Access Bank team that was to determine which vendor would build the new Access Bank website.

15 minutes and a spiderman themed presentation later, a corporate board had secretly decided they would be going forward with this agency to build their website.  It wasn’t the first time they were doing this. It also wasn’t the first time we would lose a bid to them.  The Gr8an team would by now know that their approach to killing it in presentations is their method of abstraction, their confidence knowing they would take a totally different and unexpected approach in winning over prospects – all of these owed to their presentation style.

I learned a lot from this approach myself and decided to apply lessons from this to my Mondays. You can do something similar too.

How many times have you woken up on Sundays with the nagging thought about the perils of the next day, Monday? How many times have you just wished for a Monday holiday? Are there not times when you wade through Sunday only to realize in the evening that you just had another 15 hours before you wake to the painful day, Monday?

I used to feel this way myself until I sat down to question why Thursdays were my happiest days. They were the happiest days because I had it in my consciousness that Friday was the next day and then when it’s Friday I’d go about screaming TGIF, I’d go to work with the OMG-the-weekend-is-here-lets-enjoy-today attitude. Couldn’t I somehow replicate this feeling to Monday? So here’s is how I did it.

Wear shorts to work on Mondays

Because I work in a less than traditional organization, I’m allowed to wear whatever I want to work. So wearing shorts on Mondays was not a problem. I still get the questions and stares from my colleagues when they see me in shorts.  But for this, I am excited about Mondays. There’s a feeling of freedom that comes with dressing down.

If you don’t have that type of liberty, you can anchor a behaviour you exhibit on Fridays to Mondays. Let’s say you have a place you hangout on Fridays, try moving that to Mondays.

Create a new playlist

First thing I do on Fridays after clearing my laptop’s desktop files is I create a new playlist on my Apple Music. I create playlists for every day of the week when I can. Music is a good tool to condition the mind. Create your ‘monday music’ playlist. You can even tweet about or instagram your playlist. Most importantly, let this be a positive Monday ritual.

Change your wallpaper

I sometimes change my wallpaper to the theme of the week. You see, I practice theme-based development when I need to change a behavior, habit or just keep motivated. So this month may be my ‘dress in all-whites’ month. So, I change my wallpaper to the picture of someone or people wearing all-whites. Sometimes I just change my wallpaper to plain fields with sunflowers and a golden sun just to reflect peace.  This has worked for me so far.

Organize your Calendar

I am a big believer in using my Calendar app. I have created my own personal policy: If it’s not in the Calendar, it’s not likely to be honored. If it’s in my Calendar it has to be attended to. So on Mondays, I carefully plan my schedules up until the next Saturday. This way I am on top of events and tasks. I can then properly focus on tasks and events of the week without being caught unawares.

Lunchbreak? Go shopping

If you’re like me who loves shopping or window shopping weekly, you can make Mondays your shopping days.

All of this is an attempt to trick your mind into associating Mondays with Fundays!

So like the Gr8an team, I killed a long time disdain for presentations and Mondays by adopting a