For many years, I spent an average of 6 hours a day in commute from office to my home and vice versa. At the same time I was spending so much of my money on fast food and soda. I dedicated too much ‘no-time’ to family and close friends because of this adopted and errant lifestyle.
It wasn’t until frequent trips to the hospital in 2015 that I realized I could no longer continue like this.

I had to reassess what was more important to me, who were the most important people to me and what work was the most important to me. I adjusted my priorities chain and I have since experimented on ways to balance work and life.

One question that has since been plastered on my mind is this: What type of life do you really want to live?
I have taken a conscious effort to live the very best type of life I can live.

I started HighLifer with the sole aim of allowing you, the audience, in on my journey to an amazing life. But not only that, I have decided to put together some of the best resources and content to help you live that better life. Let’s face it we all want the best lives for ourselves. Sometimes we just want a push. Sometimes we want to know how others cope in similar situations. For this, HighLifer was created.
HighLifer will focus on three major touch points
I invite you to join me in this journey. Be my accountability partner, let me be yours.

Personal Growth and life hacks

If life is truly short, then why can’t we make the best use of its shortness by living to the fullest and …taking shortcuts. I hope some episodes in HighLifer inspire you towards a smarter way to live.

Productivity Hacks

The internet is full of articles and tips on how to be more effective at work and at home. On HighLifer, you will find content that I believe works and those that I am practicing.


Every month, I’m going to take on an experiment that addresses a part of my life I will be dealing with. I will be sharing the full details with subscribers. This is why subscribing to HighLifer should be your next point of action.


Content on HighLifer will be
as practical as possible.


This place right here, is a

Episodes will contan the truth
and nothing but the truth.


Content will be easy to read
and straight to the point.

All challenges will be related
to issues I or you as a reader are facing.


Lastly, you will NEVER
see any advertising on HighLifer.

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